Livefreefun Analysis For Their Live Sex Performers

More than 35,251 registers were extracted from one of the biggest live sex show sites around. I made this out of curiosity, because I want to know a little bit more about the performers, I took the information displayed on the site and here is what I was able to find out:

There are 35,251 unique female performer pages in livefreefun , but there may be more because in some shows there are more than one performer (couple, group sex, etc…) by making a closer analysis here is the breakdown of the performers:

Female 32699
Male-Female Couple 1881
Female-Female Couple 301
Male 215
Group 77
Shemale 36
Trans (M to F) 30
Male-Male Couple 9
Trans (F to M) 2

I tried to extract just female performers to make this analysis, but there are some male performers that escaped my criteria, but this table helped me make the analysis with those just self identified as females.

Once I extracted those who just self identified as females, I erased the duplicated performers.


Here is another graph where you can see the top 80% of the female performers by country:

To me, it is very curious that Colombia is the third country with performers, now lets see what are the ethnicity of the performers, here is the graph:

The above graph shows us the number of performers ethnicity, there are some curious details such as the ethnicity, white and european which I honestly don’t know what is the difference between one or the other? Also, that there are 37 performers who consider themselves as Roma.

Now about the languages, there are many performers who are able to communicate in more than one language and they put them all together, so I have to separate each one of the languages to know what languages are the most used by the performers, here are the results:

As you can see the most common languages are English and Spanish and since USA and Colombia are among the countries with the biggest number of performers that makes perfect sense.

When we review the age information, here is a little statistical table that helps us to better understand the performers:

Average 43
Median 42
Standard Deviation 17.29
Range 96
Minimum 18
Maximum 114


How do we interpret these elements? Here’s how: the average is the sum of all the elements divided between the number of elements, the median is the number that is exactly the middle if we arrange the numbers from the smallest one to the biggest one, the standard deviation is how we distributed the data from the median, in this case the median is 42 so 68% of the population has between 59 and 25 year olds the minimum age is 18 and the maximum 114.

The next characteristic we will analyze is the hair colour, here is the graph and as you can see the majority of performers have brown hair (32%), a good amount has black hair (28%) and the third biggest group are the blonde ones (25.2%), I am not sure why, but I was expecting more performers to have blonde hair.

The eyes are another characteristic we were able to analyze because the data was accessible, here is the graph for the eye colour of the performers.

Brown eyes are the most common, and after that, the green and blue eyes are a far second and third respectively.

Now let’s talk about some more kinky characteristics, and we are talking about the pubic hair, here we have 3 different categories, bald, trimmed and hairy and here is the distribution of each one of them:

The sexual orientation of the performers is shown in the next graph, as you can see 72.5% of the performers are self described as bisexuals, my interpretation to such a high number (and the lack of self described homosexuals) I think it is due to a business decision, because if they describe themselves as bisexuals they can get the attraction of men and women alike.

The last characteristic we will analyze in this set is the body type, here is the graph and as you can see, most performers seem to be self conscious and have a body type average and in second place performers with a slender type of body.

If you want to know any other information or you are interested in a specific analysis, send us your ideas please.


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